Men’s Shed Labrador Inc.

The Rules

We come here to do useful things, to learn and to enjoy each other’s company,

meet new friends and contribute to the community.


We acknowledge the environment in which we operate and will at all times limit  noise

and other activities that may create nuisance.

We all wish to do work for the community and the Shed itself but will never make things

to sell for ourselves.

We all agree to work safely at all times and to follow any instructions issued by the Shed

Captain of the day.  We agree that safety is the responsibility of everyone.

We understand that the Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Shed is an harmonious environment and that equipment and tools are kept in good order to meet the needs of the members and further, that the Management Committee must ensure that we meet the requirements of good governance.  Therefore, we accept their authority without complaint.

We all agree that this statement sets out how we want our Shed to operate and that if anyone is not able to follow it, then they will have to find another organisation more to their liking.